Mission Statement and Promise

(Humanity Is Awake is filed as a religious nonprofit)

Mission Statement

To create a world where all individuals are safe, happy, healthy, and prosperous.


To create an honest environment free of mysticism, irrationality, and deception.

Humanity Is Awake Bylaws

Bylaw 1: The Humanity Is Awake Council manages any and all aspects of Humanity Is Awake through unanimous decision.

All decisions regarding the Humanity is Awake will be discussed, managed, and finalized by the Humanity is Awake Council. The council consists of the founding members, and whomever they decide to add to the council at any given time. The council can add as well as remove any board member at any given time upon unanimous agreement. The council will decide who obtains what position, their set responsibilities, and who hold what position on the board. Humanity Is Awake holds itself to a high standard of honesty, integrity, and responsibility. Should any person holding any position within Humanity Is Awake violate any of the set bylaws, the council reserves the right to remove any individual or board member from any position immediately.

Bylaw 2: All Lives Matter

We believe that All Lives Matter. We do not differentiate by race, color, sexual preference, religious beliefs, or gender. We recognize that the Individual is the highest authority, and that individuals should have the freedom to be, do, and have, whatever they desire, to the extent that no physical harm or deception is intended towards another individual, group, or property.

Bylaw 3: Science, information, and technology will be used responsibly and appropriately.

We do not support any forms of science, information, or technology should they be used to harm, individuals, the American people, or humanity itself. Nor do we support the use of science, information, or technology for political gain. We support rational, honest, transparent, scientific research, advancements, treatments, and cures, to the extent that they are being used responsibly and for the good of humanity. The information we provide, in addition to the information that flows through our church will be un-biased and up to the listeners to discern for themselves. We will always do everything in our power to provide an honest, useful, fair, and uncensored flow of information. In addition, Humanity Is Awake fully supports the use of new technologies and advancements to the extent that they are to be of benefit to humanity.

Bylaw 4: All persons have the right to choose what goes on and in their bodies.

Humanity Is Awake believes that every person has the choice to decide what they put on or inside of their bodies. We believe that mask mandates, certain medicines and certain vaccinations violate this personal freedom and personal choice. It is our belief and bylaw that no individual should wear a mask that is mandated by any other entity be it government, private, or individual. Mask mandates are the religious belief of those seeking to impose such mandates on others for authoritarian purposes. Such mandates violate our beliefs in the right to freedom, independence, and the right to free choice. In addition, it is our belief and bylaw that certain medicines, including certain vaccinations should not be injected or ingested into the body. These stipulations include anything containing dead cells, anything that can cause a lactogenic reaction, or that can harm the physical body in any way. We believe and establish as bylaw that any individual should have the right to choose what they put on their person, as well as what medicines they desire to use for treatment.

Bylaw 5: All donations, expenses, and finances shall be kept private and to be discussed only within the council.

The council will often make funds available to our board members as per their positions require to be used for humanitarian efforts. As the Humanity is Awake congregation is a privatized entity these donations/funds/finances are not to be discussed with any outside entity such as the IRS, nor any other financial, privatized, or Government institution. The Congregation is a private organization and will hold board meetings regarding its finances within the council. All financial decisions will be discussed and finalized at the board meetings with the council. Should any member of the board discuss any finances outside of the board meetings, they will be removed from the board and will be removed from all responsibility regarding their position immediately. Should any entity ask about finances they are to be deferred until after the board’s official meetings regarding the subject. In addition, Humanity Is Awake also reserves the right to offer cash and assistance to anyone they feel is in need.

Bylaw 6: Humanity Is Awake reserves the right to manage and create its own services regarding the needs of Humanity.

This includes Sustainability projects, Sciences projects, Space projects, Health and well being centers, and anything else that humanity might need to better itself and to further human progress. Humanity Is Awake also reserves the right to create its own security/protection service in order to protect its projects, individuals, and the needs of humanity.