Are mandates for our safety or for the empowerment of others?

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the coronavirus. Some call it a pandemic, some call it a plandemic. In this article we will be going over some of the evidence and facts regarding this issue. It is our goal to provide an honest perspective by exploring history, events, and evidence regarding this subject.

The best way to understand this situation is to understand history. When WW2 started Hitler created what was called the Nazi Science Division. Hitler was a socialist. Socialists believe that they are superior and that they should have domination over other human beings. Hitler had rounded up thousands of Jews and had imprisoned them in concentration camps. He had sent troops out to force them to sign up for passports. They we’re then convinced to get on trains as they believed it was for their safety. They we’re told that they we’re to be given shelter. They ended up at concentration camps instead. When they arrived at these camps the Jews were then experimented on. Many of them were experimented on with viruses until they exhibited flu like symptoms. The we’re then vaccinated afterwards. The goal of these vaccinations was to alter the Jews DNA, drug them in order to make them docile and unaware, and sterilize them so that they couldn’t have anymore children. This was a technique called biological warfare. Hitler planned to use this technique to take over and dictate the world. (This started around 1940 when Hitler invaded Norway and occupied Denmark. At the time of writing this that was only 81 years ago. The United States still has troops in Germany at this time)

Let’s look at how the government and the big corporations responded when the coronavirus first happened. The coronavirus happened right before the 2020 United States election. We we’re told to lock down in our homes and we’re forced to mail in vote. We then hear a major amount of evidence regarding voter fraud and an election steal. We we’re then told that we couldn’t stand next to each other or have any social gatherings due to social distancing and social gathering laws. Remember Hitler himself was a socialist. So is Joe Biden who was running for president at the time. This prevented us from freedom of assembly and freedom of protest so that we couldn’t protest what was happening. Yet, BLM and Antifa we’re allowed to protest and to riot in the streets throughout the entire election.

We we’re also forced to wear masks or face coverings or what many are calling muzzles under threat of fine or imprisonment. Slave owners and tyrants have been forcing human beings to wear masks/face coverings/ muzzles for thousands of years. This is used as a form of punishment and let’s others know that the slave is owned by a slave owner. The African American slaves were wearing slave masks under mandate of their owners when the American abolition freed them from slavery. This was from 1861-1865 which was only 156 years ago at the time of writing this. That’s barely two generations and the south/confederates still had major political power. The same people who had political influence then have taken over all aspects of our modern day politics. When the coronavirus first happened United States Americans were forced to wear masks under threat of fine or imprisonment. Just like the slavery days. They made muzzle and mask mandates legal. Given our history the evidence is clear that the masks are being used as a form of punishment and submission. The government, big businesses, and only a few forms of mainstream media we’re the once influencing this decision. Not medical professionals. This is what we call socialism. Mostly influenced by the super rich and people in positions of political power just like Nazi Germany. Social distancing laws, social gathering laws, lock downs, muzzles and mask mandates, forced vaccinations = SOCIALISM.

The American people were also told that they needed to vaccinate. Many were threatened with their jobs for not taking it. Approximately 1200 nurses and medical professionals were replaced by the national guard for refusing the shot. As if people with guns are more knowledgeable than our trained medical professionals. We are now seeing more socialism. People have died from the shots, been victims of injuries, and have caused a whole slew of problems. Nor have they been effective. Yet, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, and Moderna are approximately making over $1000.00 a minute. And where did the biggest vaccine company (Pfizer) originate? You guessed it, Nazi Germany! Pfizer is partnered with a company call BioNTech which is based in Nazi Germany. And Pfizer itself was formed by two German immigrants. This is where the name came from. Yet, more evidence to extreme socialism.

Many times, politics can cloud our judgement. Especially when in a panic. Yet, if we take a breath, and set aside our emotions, we are able to look at the evidence, and logic, and we can see through to reality. Political schemes have been around pretty much since history began and it’s no different today. In my opinion the coronavirus will someday be known as the biggest political scheme the world has ever seen. The question is where do we go from here? How do we handle this? I believe our constitution is the answer. Should we honor our amendments such as our right to protest and free assembly than we can turn this situation around. The question is a matter of will. Fear can be deceptive and even crippling but courage can be liberating and empowering. To me, the first step is to admit what is happening. The second is action. We can choose to go along with these terrorist demands, or we can be Americans. Our future and the future of our children hang in the balance.

You can learn more about the coronavirus and how to manage it at We will be having weekly discussions, and will be setting up petitions and protests to help with this situation.