Welcome to the Humanity Is Awake All Lives Matter Protest

Help protect your liberties from harmful mandates and regulations!

What we are looking to accomplish:

1. To have the option to use cures and alternatives to the coronavirus other than harmful vaccinations, social distancing, masks and government mandates. To always have the right to choose what goes on and in our bodies.

(We the people demand alternatives to the coronavirus other than government mandates. The coronavirus has caused a major abuse of power within our government and has threatened our liberties. We demand alternative cures to the coronavirus and that our freedoms be restored.)

2. To restore election integrity and to ensure a fair election.

(We the people demand that our votes be placed and counted properly. We feel that the 2020 Presidential election was compromised, and that election integrity needs to be restored and insured. We demand that our votes be placed in person and that our votes be counted properly)

3. To recognize that All Lives Matter and to end the division in America.

(Recognizing that All Lives Matter is the only way to create peace. Believing otherwise has caused division, conflict and civil unrest. We the people recognize that All Lives Matter and that no “human rights” movement should promote division, nor misinformation)

 United States Citizens have lost more liberties due to coronavirus mandates in the year 2020, than we have since we freed the slaves in the American Civil War. The Socialism within our government has manufactured race wars, riots, lockdowns, excessive mandates, and have manipulated the 2020 election. We the people demand that this abuse of power end and that our freedoms be restored. We also demand justice against the extreme socialism and domestic terrorism that has been undermining our Countries liberties and limiting its freedoms.

Sign the All Lives Matter petition to end division, domestic terrorism, and social injustice!

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